Tyler is wondering why Kit is wearing his ears.
The cap with extreme flaps! You can tie them, wrap them around your neck, but don't try to hear with them.
Kit is wearing a sweater set and hat with the Argyle pattern, originally from the tartans of Argyll County, Scotland. Of course, Kit is not of Scottish origin. In fact, she is, duh, American.
Uh oh. Kit has to stand in the corner because she was "talking back."
Kit is all dolled up (!!) for a night on the town in her sleeveless shell decorated with sparkly beads,long satin skirt and beaded purse. Wait a second! She's too young for a night on the town. She'lljust have to stay home and pretend she's dancing in the Marble Halls of the Ritz. Oh, okay, it's really my fireplace.
Kit enjoys wearing her Northwestern Outdoorsman Toque (pronounced "tuke") and her Fisherman's Cable Vest. She especially appreciates her long boots as she jumps into the water to pull her canoe ashore.
Kit's eyes sparkle when she wears this bead trimmed sweater, hat and boots
Kit wears her stars and stripes motif cardigan sweater with zipper front while watching the Fourth of July parade. She doesn't have a flag, so she waves her matching scarf! Huzzah!
Kit helps Walmart Girl with her pull over long sleeved sweater. They both enjoy the Hug boots in this cold weather!
BAGS A MILLION!! Kit loves the large bag for weekends in the Hamptons. Walmart Girl uses the small bag for her shopping trips to, well, Duh, Walmart. Mr. Bag Head wishes to remain anonymous.

    Large Felted Bag


Use 2 strands of 100% wool yarn.  Size 11 straight needles.  Leave 12" strands on each side for sewing seams.


CO 4 sts.

Row 1.  K

Row 2.  Increase at each end (6 sts)

Row 3. K

Row 4.  Increase at each end (8sts)

Row 5-20 K

Row 21. Skpsso, knit to last 2, k2tog.

Row 22. K

Row 23. Skpsso, knit to last 2, k2tog


With free needle, pick up 2 from each end plus approx. 12 sts. along side. Pick up every other row.  Purl and knit for St. st. until 5" from beginning of Stst.   BO.


Pick up other side, knit and purl for St.st until 5" from beginning of Stst.  BO.


Sew side seams.


Cord handle:  CO 4, leaving long end for attaching.  K, slip stitches to left needle, K until desired length.  BO, attach to purse.


Felt by machine washing in hot, soapy water.  Rinse cold.


Boas for the Restofus

From left to right; American Girl, WalMart Girl, Buttons, hangng in there since 1947

Hats and Scarves  What fun and how easy!

CO (I used crochet chain cast on) 38 sts using #9 needles.  K1, p1 rib for 3 rows.  Then Stst (satin stitch) until piece measures 3 1/2".  End purl row.

Decrease row; *K1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, ssk, k4, ssk* repeat to end.

Purl one row. Repeat decrease  every knit row until 18 sts remain. Purl 2tog across. Cut length for sewing seam.  Pull through sts and sew seam.

Scarf:  Using large needles (anywhere from 10 to 15) CO 10. Knit ever row until piece measures 26" at least. Bind off.

Ponchos Galore!
Talawanda High School Cheerleader - Sorry, the Talawanda banner, megaphone and shoes did not make it to the photo shoot. All are available. Call 513-523-5082 to order $20 complete.
Could be McGuffey Foundation School, could be Michigan!
Varsity sweater with school initial.  Cheerleader sleeveless top and skirt.  Made to order in your school colors with initial.  Beanie, saddle shoes (better than in picture) and pennant FREE with order.  Allow 4-6 weeks.  $20 includes shipping.  Call 513-523-5082 or e mail your order to talharwood@aol.com